I have an eclectic / integral approach—utilizing these modalities:

-Cognitive / Behavioral
-Solutions Focused

A little bit about me:

I grew up in rural Ohio and spent my formative years learning about life, psyche and relationship on farms, in forests, and through small town dynamics. The more I learned, the more I wanted to experience. This push and pull toward discovery led me to music, which I wholeheartedly threw myself into as a teenager. The stories, moods and melodies were mesmerizing, pointing to even more worlds “out there,” as well as “in there.” Eventually, when I was 18, I moved to the “big city.” I spent the following eight years in Cleveland and Columbus, performing, recording and touring nationally with a number of bands.

While in Columbus, I completed my BA in Anthropology at The Ohio State University in 2005. The focus of my study was on the evolution of consciousness. My academic studies were supplemented by my personal studies and explorations into Buddhism, yoga, ecology, shamanism, and altered states of consciousness.

I moved to the Bay Area in 2006, where I began working with people with developmental differences/disabilities, and did so for the next seven years. This was a life-changing and life-affirming experience, developing relationships with vastly diverse peoples. As wonderful as the job was, however, I still found myself wanting to focus more on the processes of the psyche. This led to a decision to attend California Institute of Integral Studies where I got my MA in Counseling Psychology in 2016.

Throughout my time in the Bay I have been a part of—and am still involved with some—a number of organizations, groups, and personal pursuits, intent on exploring the connections between body-mind-soul-spirit, self/other, society/occupation, and the Earth. My work is informed by an awareness of these interconnections, as well as the intersections of race, sex, gender, class, ability, etc. and how they manifest in my clients’ lives. I make space for my clients to bring their whole selves into the process, and help them to see and to adjust that which does not serve their greatest blossoming and the greatest good.

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My office is located at Blue Oak Therapy Center: 3101 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley, CA 94609.

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