What is the difference between tarot as read by a psychic, and tarot as read with a psychotherapist?

One of the benefits of integrating tarot with psychotherapy is the opportunity to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship with your reader. This means that I (your reader / your therapist) will come to understand your relational history, behavioral and thought patterns, hopes/dreams/fears, and your process and path towards achieving your goals on your path towards self-realization—as a trained psychotherapist. Simply put, receiving a tarot reading with a psychotherapist has the potential to offer a deeper and more impactful reading.

Another benefit of integrating tarot with psychotherapy is the opportunity to develop a therapeutic relationship with a licensed guide of the psyche. The license is nice because it means that the therapist works in accordance with the laws and ethics of a governing body (the state of CA). One that has come to understand through years of trial and error the legal and ethical considerations that aim to ensure the safety of the client/patient/inquirer. In other words, the practicioner/therapist is held accountable and responsible to provide the highest degree of care for their client; aware of the wide spectrum of ethical, legal, clinical, and psychologocial implications and considerations.

And what is Psyche-therapy?

The definition of psyche is “soul, mind, or spirit.” It is from this definition of psyche, as soul-mind-spirit, that I orient my way of working with you. I see your process as the embodiment and expression of soul and spirit. This is very different than the dominant paradigm, which sees the workings of the mind through the lens of the medical/diagnostic model. This model is effective, but it has it’s limits. Psyche-therapy is a holistic, transpersonal (beyond the individual) approach, one that is open to the magick and the mysteries of being, consciousness, and existence.

I have been learning and practicing tarot for over 10 years and am constantly amazed by the accuracy and depth that “the Oracle” reveals during readings. If you already have familiarity with the tarot, great!!! I recommend psyche-therapeutic tarot even more, as it can be a wonderful way to deepen your own practice and understanding of tarot—and your life—experientially, through your own lived experience.