I see therapy as a collaborative process. In a sense, you are my guide—and I am yours. Together, we will explore your life and seek for an embodied understanding of your path toward well-being—as defined by you and your goals. You are the expert of your own experience. I fully respect and celebrate this fact, and encourage in all my clients the growth of self-awareness, creativity, intuition, self-love, acceptance, empowerment, self-support, compassion, imagination, meaning, and sense of purpose—the roots of a healthy life. I am here to help you align with the natural healing power inherent within life, within you. I look forward to meeting you.


-identity issues or crises
-relationship problems
-sex and sexuality
-creative process and blockages
-chronic illness / disability / psychosomatic symptoms
-LGBT related issues
-spiritual emergence / non-ordinary states of consciousness
-major life-transitions
-low self-esteem / doubt / shame


My rates are sliding-scale, based on income: ($75-$140)

I have a limited amount of low-fee ($65-$70) spots available, please ask:

My fee is for a standard 50-minute session. (If you would like a 75- or 90-minute session that can be arranged).