Couples / Relationship / Family Therapy

Every one of us is in a variety of different relationships. Each unique, with it’s own dynamic, as well as it’s own level of depth and intimacy.

As you know, relationships can be a source of both great joy and great suffering, with the potential to bring out both our best self and worst self. Some of these relationships are easy-going and easy to understand, while others are not. The challenges of relationship are many, often incredibly complex, and frustratingly confusing.

However >>> There is a great potential for reflection, self-understanding, healing, love, and change when relationship is done consciously. I am here to support your relationship through the challenges and changes needed to transform it into a union that brings out your best self, evermore and more.



  • communication issues

  • early childhood attachment trauma resurfacing

  • sexual identity concerns

  • polyamory

  • infidelity / trust issues

  • multi-cultural and multi-racial relationships


My rates are sliding-scale, based on income: ($100-$150)

I have a limited amount of low-fee ($85-95) spots available, please inquire:

My fee is for a standard 50-minute session. (If you would like a 75- or 90-minute session that can be arranged).